Our Casita Goodies

I use Kinivo Bluetooth USB adapter (for Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista)for my Jabra SOLEMATE Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker .  The bluetooth adapter is tiny and can stay in the laptop without getting in the way during transport. This speaker has amazing sound quality (we've had compliments) and the battery really lasts and lasts!

During the holidays, Amazon featured some really great deals on Fire HD 7" HD DisplayTablet . I love reading with the Fire tablet. I can look up characters through the search feature. I can look up word definitions and even research via the web. It's a tablet so it also has apps for writing, spreadsheets and powerpoint!

While driving, we listen to books via Audible . We have been members of Audible since 2001—wow, that's a long time! 

If we're camping with hookups I use Max Burton 6000 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop . I figure I'll save my propane for myself. It is wonderful. Even cooking and has a timer!

I bought Magma 7 Piece Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set  to use with the induction cooktop. The pots are of high quality and the lips are made to pour smoothly. Both the cooktop and the pots have been a great purchase. I had a big party at home and used the cookware and the induction cooktop both for additional cooking and warming.

When packing for a bicycle trip, weight and size matters. When packing for a tandem, two people on one bicycle, weight and size becomes even more important. One of the main questions people would ask us is, "How much gear weight do you pack?" We weighed everything one year and our gear turned out to be 100 pounds. That's really not bad considering that single cyclists (people traveling on a regular bicycle (not tandem)) carry 50 - 75 pounds of gear.
Now we travel in, what some people would call, a tiny travel trailer. We call it a luxurious mansion on wheels, our 17-foot Casita Spirit Deluxe travel trailer (all things are relative). While we can pack a lot more, space and weight still play an important part. I've seen all sorts of inside trailer modifications just to accommodate a conventional coffee brewer. One of the items we've taken from those bicycle traveling days is a GSI Outdoors 79480 Collapsible Java Drip Coffee Maker

It stores flat, it expands for a #4 coffee filters and makes from 1 to 12 cups of delicious brew. Expand the cone, put in the filter, place over a cup (large cup if brewing a lot) boil water and pour over the coffee grounds an voila! Java! Clean-up is a cinch. Remove and throw out the filter with used grounds, rinse and dry cone, collapse, store it in the tiniest of locations, then energetically walk out to greet the world.

We use the GSIOutdoors Collapsible Java Drip. But there is a variety out there these days. It's great for small spaces, car trips, or use in your kitchen at home

A long time ago, we bought collapsible Sea to Summit X Bowls  Not only are the bowls collapsible but the bottoms, while small, serve as a cutting board. Although, I have to confess, so far I haven't cut anything on them.

We use TRC (44260) 30 Amp Circuit Analyzer  for protecting our Casita's electrical components when plugging into shore power.

We purchased Camco 42141 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 200 - 2 Pack   to keep flying critters out of our furnace vents.

We messed up our stabilizers one too many times and had to go with an alternative. The February 2015 Fiberglass rally inspired us to finally get Pair Eaz-Lift 24" Leveling Scissor Jack (7,500lb rating) . We used them for the first time on a little round about to Colorado and back to return our grand-dog we've been dog-sitting. They were really nice to use to level the trailer.

Little House Customs
We've never met Larry or Debbie, but we've had the pleasure of ordering from them on the phone. Very courteous and the instructions they send with products are very clear and easy to follow. These are the things we've ordered from them (you'll need to scroll around for some of these items as the links don't take you directly to the product):

Fast grey kit--we were actually content with a 10 minute conversation until we met someone who told us about the crud we were retaining after disposal of the grey water. 
We installed both the MaxxAir vent cover and Maxx Window vents to enable air-flow during rain.  
Door window that opens: not only can you see out of it, you can open it to get an additional cross-breeze.
Lighted water pump switch--we had to use constant vigilance as to whether the water pump was left on. This was important especially during boondocking.
Fridge button guard--We went over a year before we first turned it off accidentally. Then it seemed to be a hip magnet. So on with the button guard.

We met Larry and Cindy at the 2015 February Fiberglass rally. We were so impressed with his lit cabinets and closet we bought wire and 3M LED light strip and installed it. It's so wonderful to see inside the cabinets!

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