Monday, February 1, 2016

Travel Plans!!!

I haven’t disappeared off the face of the internet, I just haven’t been traveling since my last 4,000-mile trip. Well, that’s not exactly right either. I did take a trip at Christmas but (insert whisper tone) but I didn’t take the Casita. It was just a short trip from El Paso to Fort Collins and back and since I might run into snow, taking only the truck sans trailer made sense and I wanted to actually travel the speed limit. The decision was a great one: 1 - I received the best, warmest hugs when I arrived, and 2 - I did run into blizzard, white-out conditions on my way home once I hit Raton, NM all the way to Sante Fe. I wasn’t worried or scared because throughout my years, I have driven in all kinds of weather and terrain either pulling or carrying large loads--but that is for another day and another post.

I am excited right now because I’m about to take off WITH my Casita to the Fiberglass Rally in Quartzsite, Arizona! I have been sitting in one place, albeit home, for too long and I want to feel my wheels spin.

I love the way I winterize the Casita. I empty the fresh water tank and hot water heater. This is a great time to replace the anode. I shut the hot-water water bypass valve then blow out the water pipes. This lets me travel spontaneously because all I have to do (which I’m doing at the end of this week) is add some water to the fresh water tank. If you do it this way, always remember to make sure your hot water heater is filled so that you don’t burn up the electrical heating element.

So stay tuned because I’ll be posting about my travel experiences for the next couple of weeks. By the way, if you like the way I write, you can support my travels and blog by buying from Amazon through my blog by clicking on the Amazon link on the right column. Amazon gives me a small commission for all sales that are made through my link.

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