Thursday, November 5, 2015

Beautiful tailwinds and dogs!

It's interesting the role that winds have played in my life, in all our lives for that matter. I've had several careers over the years, I tend to call them lives. In one life, . . .
Charley and I used to go down to Mexico, buy primitive furniture/antiques, bring them back to the States, clean them up, then haul them to various parts of the country to wholesale to dealers. We always watched the weather and wind because our cost of good sold would increase as the mileage was dragged down by that dreaded headwind.

Then, we started bicycle touring in the late 90s. Wind is usually the demon in front of you and rarely your friend at your back. Hills you can see, but wind, that invisible force that impedes forward progress is a demon, just ask any touring cyclists. Well, the same goes for traveling with a camper-trailer or an RV for that matter. Travel costs will climb with that invisible enemy.

Well, since I've left home, the wind has been my friend. Tailwinds! I usually get an average of 17-19 mpg, but I'm averaging 21.7 mpg! On top of that, the gas is cheap! The cold front that hit Montana and the Rockies sent wind at my back.

Do I sound happy? Well, it's because I am. I've had a beautiful day: clear skies, temps in the 70s, and a wide open range with an endless view. I left the solidified molten labyrinth of lava flows of Valley of Fires, traveled through the natural mountainous landmarks and cedar which eventually ceded to rolling plains and man-made landmarks of grain silos. I'm now in low rolling plains of Kansas. Blue skies were my ceiling today and the only clouds were in the distant horizon which mimicked snow-capped mountains. I'm staying at a beautiful campground called 'Spring Lake' that accepts Passport America (see the link on right column) which only cost $13.

The dogs are enjoying the moment and the adventure which keeps me in the present as well. So wise is the philosophy of a dog.


  1. Thank you for sharing!!! Keep feeling those tailwinds! 💜Shawna

  2. Nature and beautiful views can do a lot to make one happy. The simple things... :-)

  3. Hi Kamala, As told tailwinds ;) take care, thanks for writing