Monday, August 17, 2015

Ah, the Casita Cult!

We're always excited to see another Casita on the road! We flash lights at each other, honk, wave. 'Why?', you may ask. Well, it's because we share such great taste.

On our trip along the Alaska Highway up to Fairbanks, we did not see very many Casitas. In fact, we 

met more owners: a couple exited the freeway to meet us at a Montana rest stop just to tell us that we were driving their trailer (the uncanny thing about this couple was that they also drove a silver Silverado and had a camper shell very similar to ours), one person, who was driving his antique car along the highway, walked over to us at a Watson Lake gasoline station to ask us how we liked our Casita (he loved his as well), another was a lady who owned a Casita and riding along with a fellow who was delivering a large trailer (who was also a fiberglass lover and owned an Oliver at home).

What do we talk about when we see each other? Well, we talk about

  • How well Casitas maintain their resale value
  • We compare mods (modifications) to make it special (this, indeed, can led to a rather lengthy discussion). Warning--this discussion, while free at the time, can be really expensive ;)
  • How well the Casita tracks while pulling
  • Curtains vs. blinds or the combination thereof
  • Mudflaps to protect the fiberglass
  • The ease of handling, setting up
  • Our love of the little trailer
  • The comfort of just sitting inside and looking out
  • How the tiny trailer motivates you to get out and do things
  • Solar panels
  • If they bought used, how lucky the person was to buy one used because they usually sell to the first caller (we bought ours new because every time we called it had already been sold plus the fact that since Casitas maintain their resale value so well, we might as well own a new one.
So, it's always a thrill to see another Casita at your campground and meet the owners. Last year, in the Canyon of Chelly in Arizona, we camped with a record of four, yes, four other Casitas. During our trip on the Alaskan Highway, there were two other Casitas camped at the Denali campground There were also two other Casitas at an unexpected place: Midway Services in Gakona, AK.
It's just a little store which offered a free spot to park your trailer or RV or only charged $10 for hooking up to electricity. We were now descending to the south, calendar is mid June and tourists are traveling in a steady stream. We owners quickly gathered around for conversation about our trailers and how they were holding up through all the construction sites and the wavy permafrost roads. The next morning, before pulling out, the conversation continued. Lynn and Lori, our travel companions in a large RV, sat ready to go watching us. Finally, patience waning, Lynn honked her horn. Later that evening, after sighting (and exchanging flashing lights) of several more Casitas along the road, Charley, Lynn, Lori, and I are talking about our Casita encounters. I mentioned that I did not realize that I joined a club when we bought the little trailer. "Club? It's not a club, it's a cult!" exclaimed Lynn. We all have a good chuckle. But, actually, there maybe an element of truth in there somewhere.

We got back last week after taking Tara, our Casita, out yet again. We enjoyed the cool mountain air at nearly 10,000 feet in Cloudcroft, NM. Where did we park? Well, right next to another Casita! What did we talk about? You guessed it!

One of our favorite things to say as we drive by another Casita while pulling ours is, "We like your trailer!" That always brings a smile and a reply, "We like yours, too!"


  1. Love your blog! I am happy to now be a member of the "cult"! See you two on the playa! ~ Jeryl

  2. Ah, Jeryl, 'tis been a year of many cults . . . and off to Burning Man next we go :) Just about got it all together, see you on the playa.