Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sometimes Sweethearts can be Heroes

A hero is someone who, through skill, intelligence, fortitude or some other neat attribute saves the the day. Now if you're one of the Avengers and have those superduper type skills like throwing big hammers across football fields, or turning into an angry, very angry big green man, well then they make movies about your deeds.  But even us mere mortals can be heroes by excelling in tough situations.  Ok, so, I'd like to nominate my wife for getting us out of a tough situation.
Today we're driving in the high country above Boulder Colorado, looking for a

place to lite for the night with Kamala at the wheel. Being very cheap, we're checking out Federal campgrounds. (Gotta love that Golden Age Pass)  A quick search of the books and apps shows that just up the road is a campground.  The small two-lane country road is leading us into the forest, and now, without a warning from Bob, our friendly GPS voice, who usually announces such things, it's suddenly a one lane gravel road and we begin to worry a touch, but being the brave pioneers that we are, we soldier on.
Let me assess our predicament by noting that the road is getting more and more narrow, the skies are drizzling, there is a drop off to the left, not much--maybe 12 feet.  On our right is the mountain with a riverlit of water from the afternoon rain running along it's base beside the road. Up a hill, around a curve and then there it is, a mushy snow pack about 14 to 18 inches high and 20 feet long. Dark muddy ruts cut across the pack, so obviously someone has gone this way before, however Kamala and I are in harmony on the decision not to try to run it, but then the alternative is to back up a couple of football fields. Kamala, who usually backs up as I guide whenever we back the Casita in a campground is insistent that "I can do this".  So here we go, ten yards, forty, a hundred around the curve, down the hill and we are here at a small, very small and short drive way and finally after much deliberation amongst ourselves, and a couple of rangers who have stopped to see the show, Kamala is backing the Casita at a right angle off the road. Trailer is hitting the small drive way perfectly, but she has to get it into the shallow part and then about 3 feet up the side of the mountain in order to get so the truck can make the turn on the 12 foot road.  I'm amazed as the Casita sails up the mountain at about a 30 degree angle from the truck. Just enough to turn the whole rig.  Great job. Finally, Kamala turns to the two smiling rangers and says, "Crazy Texans, huh?"
Side note: No Casita was harmed on this adventure tale. By the way, we're really glad we had that high-lift axle put on the trailer! We do regret not getting a picture of our little trailer going up the side of the mountain at a 30 degree angle from the truck.

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