Saturday, April 18, 2015

Casita on the Casa for the Casita

 We had the guys from  Chaparral Steel Supply put up this little metal roof awning (we call it a techo here in the border area) 20' X 12' to protect the Casita.  Great! So what now? Top's protected, but the sides look naked.  We decide that we can put up a side and a back ourselves. So it's off to the local salvage lot (Yes, it's a junk yard, because we're responsible, green, and, of course cheap), Used 3/4 inch plywood sheets at 5 bucks a piece with a whole lot of nails to pull. But, hey, did I say we were cheap?

So now, we're cleaning, cutting and painting a base coat and I'm thinking maybe we'll paint stars, or symbols, or how about a fire breathing dragon, (Dragons are cool). But Kamala says it's a Casa for
the Casita so it should have a Casita on it. And therefore a Casita it shall be. We dig out the rulers, yard sticks, measure Tara (our Casita's other name) and put those mechanical drawing skills that I learned as a freshman in high school to use.

Laid out on the carport floor, Kamala mostly, sketches out the exact dimensions on the plywood.  We splash a bit of paint around and come out with a close representation of Tara. Then it's just a matter of drilling a few holes and piecing them together.

It was Kamala's idea from the start to give the impression that the Casita's always at home, therefore the casual passerby would not key in on that when the Casita's gone, we're not home.  But I'm thinking, it's not going to fool anyone.  It's just a pretty picture like my dragon would have been.  And then I'm driving up to the drive way and I flash on, the Casita's here, and then I remember the painting and that the Casita is with the mechanic getting her wheel bearings greased (yeah, I know we could grease them ourselves, but I like a professional to look at Tara once a year).  Any way, my point is that to the casual passerby it does kind of appear like the trailer is at home.

Now, it's done.  Tara is more protected from the elements.  And I have to admit it does look cute, but I keep thinking that a
View from road through neighbor's property
dragon peeping over the top would be way cool. Just have to find the right time
to pose the idea to Kamala.  Meanwhile we have a Casita on the Casa for the Casita.


  1. That is so clever! Dragon? YES!

    1. yes!!! Thank you. I need a bit of help convincing Kamala.

  2. Great job on the Casita Casa Casita.

    1. Thanks Marsha, you know I could have said the Casita Casita Casita, but that might have been a little confusing.