Monday, March 23, 2015

10 Reasons why I don't like my Casita Travel Trailer


Wait, no, well, umm. Sorry, I can't think of anything. This little fiberglass bubble has been perfect from the get-go. That doesn't mean we haven't made a few little modifications to it and we may make a couple of more. What it does mean is that the little minimalist dream has done exactly what we had wanted it to do, act as a cheap, comfortable, base of operations.

The Casita has everything you absolutely need in a “small house” and not a whole lot more, but it gets you out in “It”. It has the creature comforts of a good bed, a bathroom with shower, and an efficient kitchen to prepare food and a place to eat said food. The “dance” floor is a bit small and took just a little while before Kamala and I learned the rules for the dance, but it comes rather quickly and now we even do the dance with two dogs (it took a little learning on their part too). But the very best part is that it takes us to very neat, beautiful, awesome places where we, not so much live in it, but we live “Out of It”. Hiking, cycling, sight-seeing, visiting friends in far away places are all things we are able to do with Tara, our little Casita's name (Ok, ok, we give names to those we love even inanimate objects). Plus, it has done this from the moment we drove it out of the factory garage at Rice Texas.   


  1. EXCELLENT! Love your blog...& your assessment of a Casita's value. So glad you're getting into "the dance" & living outside as much as possible. C U down the road again.

  2. Is Tara going to be your home for seven days on the playa (Burning Man)?

    1. David, she certainly is! What a story we're going to tell! First to Alaska then off to Burning Man! What a summer, right?!?