Saturday, November 12, 2011

Leaving an old friend

Charley: Alas, we're leaving an old friend behind in Albuquerque, our tent. It has accompanyed us on several adventures but it has begun to take on more and more weight in the form of duct tape patches. Not long ago Kamala replaced one of the door zippers by robbing an old sleeping bag. Each new patch made it a little it heavier. We thought it had one more trip left in her, but after the other door zipper began to malfunction we had to consider putting her out to pasture and even though Kamala worked her magic, deftly bringing said zipper back on line, we both knew it was time. So we are of mixed feelings as we leave our old Mountain Hardware behind in Albuquerque with friends and take off on the next part our journey with a brand new REI half dome. A new tent is good, but because of our habit of atttibuting anthropomorphic qualites to things there's just a touch of sadness in our spirit.

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