Saturday, May 14, 2011

What? No Posts?

There's something magical that happens when we ride a bike all day. The turning of the pedals mile after mile; the reward of simple pleasures of becoming one with the landscape, butt breaks, food, downhills, scenery, being able to stop to take that breath-taking, awe-inspiring snapshots which all add to philosophical introspection which lead to magical notes. It's amazing that no matter how many years have past and the thousands (literally) pictures we've taken we can always remember the moment the photo was captured. The true ontological observations.

Floor art
Tiled counter
We've been busy. We've done home projects and we have traveled. Pics have a blur as the landscape rushes beside the car. We've used our little camper as a base camp and discovered areas. We went back to Palm Springs this past January to cycle the beauty and watch movies at night at their annual Palm Springs International Film Festival. Movies of note this year: Life of a Fish and the Japanese Wife.
Bosque de Apache Wildlife Refuge
New single kayak

We've hosted close to a dozen cross-country cyclists this spring via  They arrive tired and grateful to have a safe place to bed down for the night as we surprise them with a good meal. We recently hosted a young man who flew to El Paso to start his journey to Canada via the Continental Divide. We recognized the anticipatory energy as he readied for his wheeled trek and we were infected with desire for our own bicycle adventure. While we have been preparing for an upcoming adventure, he just prodded us on.

So we are off Wisconsin with our little Ontological research base to do a little canoeing and then we plan to cycle-tour Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
New paint job

Enjoying a warm winter day in Palm Springs

Death Valley

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