Friday, August 13, 2010

Tandem float in a hidden paradise

We arrive at Lake Roberts, nestled deep in the Gila Wilderness, early mid-week as laid-back campers wave a greeting hand to our entrance. We pay for four weekday nights planning for our departure on Saturday morning in anticipation to this mountain campground’s cool allure to weekenders escaping their daily grind. We pass the mornings floating on this little mountain lake, watch families of ducks escort their young, frogs yelp and leap from the path of our tandem kayak, and listen to the breeze rustle through the trees and the conversation of birds. We are fugitives of the desert heat as we rejoice at the night’s refreshing chill and watch as the sun’s rays retreat and leave a sight of a seemingly endless starscape.  Oh, how we forget how many stars there are! We retire to our little trailer as the crickets and frogs serenade us to sleep. We soon realize that we are in paradise. Days pass with afternoon excursions of hikes, local explorations, and naps as afternoon thundershowers roll into our alpine abode.

Friday arrives. Our set departure date is Saturday. Early weekenders begin their take over. We bed down early hoping for another float on Saturday morning. Campground sounds filter into our world mixed with conversation and children's laughter. Air filters the good out of distant music and only the bad tones and beat seem to reach our ears. The quiet time rule is ignored until sometime past midnight. Overall, everyone is content and happy; we drift to sleep.

The campers awake with lively conversation and we feel a need to stay another night. Saturday night, we are treated to a night of amateur karaoke blasted through disco speakers for the campground to either appreciate or, if you were trying to sleep, tolerate. Sunday morning is cast in overcast clouds which keep the lake even cooler. We, again, decide to stay another day. We watch the magical timer wind down for those folks, who still toil and keep society running for the rest of us, pack up all their camping gear and leave. The lazy weekday camper again listens to the crickets and bull frogs sing their own brand of karaoke.  

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