Thursday, April 15, 2010

Texarkana and beyond

The KOA in Mt. Pleasant gave us a 'pleasant' surprise by asking, "Would you like to have that little building over there for the same price as a tent spot? It has a double bed and it even has a little TV with cable."
Sweating and unsure I heard her correctly I ask, "For the same price?"
"Well, Y-e-a-h!"
We tried to camp but they wouldn't let us. Having found such a bargain we decide to let our muscles recover and stay an extra day and let the winds take us to New Boston, then onto our ultimate goal: TEXARKANA!

975 miles across Texas we camp less than a half mile from the Texas-Arkansas border where the State Line Avenue divides not only the two states but the courthouses as well. It's decision time, do we pack up, rent a car, go home OR do we go on?
It really wasn't a difficult decision, we weren't ready to go back.  Almost immediately we sense the difference of being in a new state: people start talking to us, smiling at us, and waving to us. Now don't get me wrong, North and Eastern Texas was very polite, but people seemed a little reserved--probably because we're a little strange. Another difference is the road etiquette. Usually people will pass us easier on a two-lane road than a four-lane road. I've always thought this was curious. I, as stoker of the tandem, will turn my head to look the driver in the eye, then s/he will change lanes. My theory is that they don't want to hit us once I have seen them. Arkansas drivers are sweet, 98% of the drivers are changing lanes even if we are on a shoulder--Thank you!

This must be the tour of zoo animals, two days into Arkansas, Charley is minding the road and traffic and what do I yell out? "Zebras!" Then we see camels, buffaloes and llamas as well!

A walk in the woods: Logoly

Mural in Camden, Arkansas

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!

We're currently half-way through Arkansas with 1,100 miles on this year's tour. Our next decision spot is Memphis, Tennessee! Stay tuned . . .

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