Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heading out

A friend of ours once looked at the maps of our routes and pointed out that the one thing that they had in common was that at some point the routes went by someone we knew. He was right, of course. As much as we like the adventure element of each trip we do enjoy tapping old friends, touching spirits, and rekindling old embers of relationships. If all goes well, this trip should have a few of those moments. In fact, our first night out was with some friends who live in Northeast El Paso. In order to avoid a hundred mile first day, Missy and Freddie offered to let us stay with them, thus making the first day a short 29 mile ride and the next day would be a more “do-able” ride.

We had pizza and caught up on events in our lives. The most important new relationship in their lives was Ozzy, who we had only seen for a couple of brief moments since he had arrived in this reality. A happy, smiley little fellow, Ozzy was obviously a source of joy and a center of attention. It was a great evening and a great way to start out a trip!

New Psychological Field

What does your parking behavior say about you? Well, now there’s this place that we found in Alamogordo that can tell if you’re a little neurotic, have a borderline personality, have a compulsive disorder or if you’re a full blown psychotic just by the way that you park your car.
Who knew?

Alamogordo Point of Interest -- The years have not been really kind to him but Rocky the Roadrunner still dominates the junk yard north of town on Hwy 54.

As the wise philosopher once said “Shit Happens”, but sometimes that’s not all bad. We had planned to make our third day a real short ride to an RV park that we had stayed at a few times in our camper. I had even asked him about staying there in a tent, which he cheerfully said we could. But when we arrived, he said he didn’t take tenters any more because he had had some trouble with them. So with our hopes for a leisurely afternoon dashed we continued on towards Tularosa. Even though we did not remember a motel there, Google maps showed one on down the road about 7 miles. Alas, when we got there, NOTHING. So Kamala calls the number and it turns out the motel is in Canada. Come on Google, Canada? So, no motels or campground, but when we try Bed & Breakfasts we get a hit. Turns out Hacienda de mi Madre is a very nice private place with a kitchen and a Jacuzzi bathtub (which my body really enjoyed). All in all Hacienda de mi Madre was so much better than an RV park. So not all shit happening ends up bad.

This road from Tularosa to Ruidoso with it’s 25 miles of uphill and 3,000 foot gain in altitude has been one that has been one of those rides spinning in the back of our minds for a long time and every time it bubbled up to the surface we would say “Some day”. Well, finally we made today that ‘someday.’ The wind on our back actually gave us a hand, but it was tough enough that we’re going to count it anyway (it wasn’t exactly world record time anyway).

We and the snow arrived in Ruidoso at about the same time.

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