Monday, April 6, 2009

Burnet Hill Country

Touring on a bicycle definitely has its advantages: discoveries along the way like Niagara Falls, an unexpected western view of Mt. Rainer, climbing the black hills to view Mt. Rushmore, just to name a few. But the one thing that is at the top of the list is arriving at family and friend's homes. The surge of energy that pulses through our systems that enhance the speed to shorten miles is no match to see landmarks. Greeted by smiles and open arms to welcome us creates an even stronger bond.
Visiting with our Caldwell-Fox family, we danced with the cows, soaked in a hot tub, giggled at the buzzard-chasing dog, ate feasts, were given a personal tour to see the beauty of the rolling Texas hill country and the surrounding lakes and river, and the conversation rejuvenated our spirits. Now how can that compare to landmarks?
Bouquets of bluebonnets and wildflowers are now lining the road and are fighting Old Man Winter who does not want to give up his grasp and keeps sweeping the land with cold blasts of air. Since the beginning of our trip this time, we joked about how Texas forgot to take down the ‘Caution-Watch for ice on Road’ but maybe its there because of this late winter draft. Coats continue come off and on. What's wonderful is not having to deal the scorching heat of summer. Retirement has allowed us to explore this part of the world that would be inhospitable during the summer, which is why we have never ventured into Texas before. Texas is not letting us down.

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