Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 7 - Waltz Across Texas

(1st Photo: K & --friendly desert-rat Ben pulls us off road and gives us free drinks)
(2nd Photo: Gloves from Oil Patch wave us on)
What? 2 days of favorable wind?
Yes, Yes, Wind is wonderful, We fly over the pavement, which is so damn rough that I would ordinarily be cussing it, but with wind nudging us along what the hell have I got to complain about? Big point of the day was the Burger in Mentone (population 16 which triples during election according to the cafĂ© owner). Because we have taken a couple of extra days and there have been no stores to buy anything, we have been existing on soups and snack bars for about 4 days. About 8 miles from Mentone we are waved off the highway by a fellow named Ben standing in front of small building with a railed porch and K and K over porch. He offers us a cold drink and we listen to his story: Retired Navy Medic and 4 wives brought him to the desert. He won’t take any payment for the sodas and we exchange pictures and he tells us that there is a restaurant up ahead that only opens for lunch and they will be open for about an hour. We mount and ride with abandonment, arriving just minutes before it closes.
And we eat a burger that makes a Whopper seem small. Ahh solid food!
We leave full and ride (slowly) off. By the time we get to Kermit in the afternoon the wind is probably 25 to 30 mph and at our backs. I don’t want it to sound to damn easy because we are still exhausted by the time we pull up and order two large root beer floats at the Kermit Dairy Queen--which we feel is well deserved because sometimes it was hard keeping up with Myriah!

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