Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 6 Waltz Across Texas

Myriah turns sweet
As my son, Tao, noted, Guadalupe is the highest point in Texas and so we ought to be able to coast all the way the rest of our trip through Texas and by damn, if today is like the rest, then he is right. Not only do we start off with a nice down hill, but the wind starts kissing our backs. And while there is a few hills, the wind helps us up them and on the down hills, well we’re in the zone. By the afternoon we able to do 20 miles an hour on the level with Myriah’s help. I guess Myriah is trying to make up to us for torturing us earlier.
Our only disappointment is that the café in Orla (population 10) is closed, but we find a real nice wild camp in the desert and gently drift off to sleep.

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